Looking for a professional vocal soundtrack for your business, your club or some other organisation?

The look no further - you have found!

Regardless of what spoken word vocal track you need, we can help - there a few suggestions below.

Of course, you could choose a service provider on or a similar marketplace - you'll certainly find cheaper options there but:

  • Are they professional voiceover artists?
  • Are you going to find someone who properly represents your brand?
  • Will they be there when you need the next voiceover done?
  • What sort of equipment are they going to be recording your vocal track with?

We have access to a range of vocal artists who tick of these boxes - tell us what you are looking for and we'll recommend a specialist vocal track artist for your project.

On-hold and IVR messages

When you call a customer or service provider, what do you hear when they put you on hold? Local radio (typically scratchy quality)? Those terrible chimes that were fashionable in the 1980s? Someone's music streaming service with questionable song choices?

More importantly, what do your customers or service providers hear when they call you?

You have an incredible opportunity to welcome your callers with some information about your business and/or product range. And if you are going to do that, are you prepared to risk the quality that might come from the online, anonymous voiceover providers?

Get in touch with us and let us explain how can help provide the soundtrack for your phone system.

Voice tracks for advertisements & other promotions

Promoting your business or other organisation via radio or other audio medium? We can help with the vocal track for those projects as well.

Tell your digital agency or radio station that you have already sourced the vocal track for your promotion or send them to us ... we guarantee that we'll deliver a promotional read that will make your promotion zing!

Get in touch with us to find out more about

Podcasts and YouTube videos

It seems that everyone's doing podcasts and YouTube videos to promote themselves, their business or other organisation. Don't ruin your podcast content by using poor recording equipment or cheap vocal talent. Don't let that amazing video be spoilt by not choosing a professional to provide the vocal track for your video. 

At, we can help - just get in touch with us and we'll explain how we can work together!

Your imagination is the only limit ...

If it involves a spoken word vocal track, then we can help.

Don't be shy ... get in touch with us and let us explain how is your vocal track specialist!