Regional Podversations

About Podversations

Did you know that over 10 million Australians live outside the metropolitan areas surrounding the eight state and territory capital cities? 10 million people thriving in places that range in size from the major regional cities like Newcastle, Geelong and Toowoomba through to tiny settlements scattered across the vast expanses of the outback.

One thing that every single one of those 10 million people have in common is a need to be part of a community. A community that supports them when things are tough. A community that celebrates together when the local side wins the football or netball premiership. A community that shares a love of the region in which they all live.

Do you live and/or work in regional Australia?

Are you looking for an effective and innovative way to engage with your local community, with the people who used to live there and have moved onto somewhere else, with the people who are thinking about visiting or even moving to your region? If so, you need to seriously consider a Regional Podversation for your town or region.

Regional Podversations bring together two things we love most - Regional Australia and creating podversations. We are so excited about creating Regional Podversations for regional, rural and remote communities, we have even set up a separate brand and separate web site.

You can find out everything you need to know about Regional Podversations at