About Podversations

There are tens of thousands - maybe hundreds of thousands - of businesses across regional Australia. Each one of those businesses is unique and is more often than not based on the dreams and goals of a small business operator. is a new product to be launched in 2024 where we will record a video conversation with a business owner from somewhere across regional Australia. In the first instance, we will be recording the conversations and posting them on our social media channels, providing video (and audio) content for our guest to use on their own social media channels and web site.

Once we have established a format and rhythm for our episodes we will start a regular live stream presentation each week, enabling our audience members to make comments and ask questions in real time. Again, the video and audio content will be available for our guest to use within their own business.

We haven't completed our web site just yet so to learn more - and to register as a guest - please get in touch with us via our Podversations contact page