Good Morning Podversations

About Podversations

Are you looking for an innovative way to engage with your staff, customers, community or members?

So many organisations roll out the tired old monthly newsletter, hoping that it will be seen in amongst the stream of other emails or, if it is printed out, that someone might stop and read it when they are having a coffee break.

And then there's a Good Morning Podversation.

Instead of the hit and miss nature of a newsletter, a Good Morning Podversation delivers your message in an innovative and engaging way that overcomes many of the limitations of a email or printed communication:

  • A podversation can be listened to while exercising or commuting
  • A podversation brings your newsletter to life - would you rather read about what Marketing Manager said or hear her say herself?
  • A podversation can be set up to automatically download onto your audience's mobile devices AND notify them that there is a new episode for them to listen to.
  • A podversation can be created in episode blocks (e.g. all episodes for the upcoming month) and "drip-fed" on an auto-release schedule first thing in the morning, once or twice per week. This means on-going and regular engagement - not just a single engagement once per month.

Sure, it is difficult to attach graphics and charts to a podcast but there's a really easy solution to that too! We'd love to tell you about that when we catch up for a chat.

How does it work and what effort do you need to make for a successful Good Morning Podversation?

Please get in touch via our Contact page for an obligation-free discussion about how we can dramatically improve the level of engagement you have with the people who matter most to you and your organisation.